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Tour the Goldfield

The Buried Rivers of Gold self-guided tour is ~31km and will take about 90 minutes to complete by car. The tour starts at the New Australasian No.2 mine site. There are five site-stops on the tour that are on the roadside, so please be careful, park well off the road and watch out for traffic.

Please note that many of the shafts are unfenced and are on private property. Only the New Australasian No. 2 mine site has public access. 

The Buried Rivers of Gold 

The brochure is available at the Creswick Visitor Information Centre. Phone (03) 5345 1114 

View opening hours here

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When on the self-guided tour, please acknowledge and respect that you are travelling through the traditional lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung. 

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STOP 1 - Tour start  New Australasian No.2 Mine

The Fatal Drive

Your tour begins here at the site of Australia’s worst gold mining disaster. The 22 men who lost their lives in the flooding of this mine serves as a solemn reminder of the dangers deep lead miners faced everyday. There are several memorials and interpretive signs at this site. 


STOP 2  Madame Berry West Mine

The Dark Labyrinth
The work of a deep lead miner

The stop at Madame Berry West No.1 will give you an insight into the labour intensive underground working conditions of a deep lead mine. Carbonic gas, heat and the tense fear of water bursting through also combined to make these mines extremely dangerous to work in.

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STOP 3  Berry No. 1 Mine

Industrial Strength
Pumping power of Berry No.1

Confronted with large flows of water, mining companies erected some of the most extensive pumping systems in Australia. Berry No. 1's Cornish Beam Pump was manufactured in Ballarat and was capable of lifting 270,000 litres of water per hour from the 200m deep shaft. Here you will learn about and see the spectacular remains of the three-storey brick and bluestone pumphouse.

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STOP 4  Madame Berry No.1 Mine

The Jewellery Boxes
The dazzling Madame Berry

The Madame Berry mines, positioned on the famous Berry Lead, are unquestionably some
of the most successful mines in the history
of Victoria. The company’s surface operations were also some of the largest and most technologically advanced industrial sites
in Australia in the 1880s. 

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STOP 5  Allendale and the Lost Towns

The Transient Towns
Built for the pursuit of gold

From 1872 until the closure of the South Berry mine in 1914, 10 townships were created on the goldfield and of these, Allendale became one of the most important townships in Australia. As the mines closed, the smaller towns disappeared, only Allendale, with it’s railway station, remained
a survivor with a rich golden past. 

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STOP 6  Alcorns Road

The Golden Gates
Shallow depths. Rich Rewards

The discovery of gold buried under Broomfield Gully in 1872 set off a chain reaction of intense prospecting and mining operations along the northern side of Spring Hill where three new leads were revealed.

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